Geutebruck systems protect the European Space Centre in French Guiana

Geutebruck systems protect the European Space Centre in French Guiana
Geutebrück systems protect the European Space Centre in French Guiana. The Space Centre in French Guiana is the spaceport which France shares with the European Space Agency and is perhaps best known as the launch site for Ariane rockets. It provides launch facilities for the European Space Agency, the French space agency CNES, and since 2011, Russian Soyuz rockets too.
The site covers 850 square kilometres. Besides launch pads, there are satellite and rocket assembly buildings and a production plant for solid rocket propellant. Geutebrück France has been involved in establishing a high security environment there since 2006.
Recent video security installations have secured the spaceport’s harbour; the new launch complex for Russian Soyuz rockets;  and the launch site for the new European Vega rocket, which made its debut in 2012. Now almost all the spaceport is protected with Geutebrück systems.

In operation are 80 GeViScope platforms, 670 cameras, 1200 Helios floodlights, GeViRAID systems with a 140 Terabyte database, together with ten evaluation stations, and ten viewing stations with monitor walls.  
The space centre is a multi-national, multi-cultural environment where staff from many different companies work together and where everything is organised with military precision.  
Geutebrück video systems are used for typical security tasks, such as surveillance of its 35 kilometre-long perimeter fence, but also for monitoring the spaceport’s own processes and procedures.