FLIR unveils new thermal cameras at IFSEC 2015

FLIR’s David Montague, Sales Director of Europe & Afric,a disusses the company’s new products exhibited at IFSEC 2015. FLIR’s new FX series consists of HD cameras suitable for indoor and residential applications. The cameras have their own internal hot spot/Wi-Fi, so users can connect directly to a mobile app. The “Rapid Recap” feature allows users to condense one day’s activity into a short recording which would potentially be seconds with date and time stamp.

Another new product from FLIR is the “mini bullet”. It has short range detection particularly suitable for outdoor/PIR detection and intruder detection. It can detect up to 40 meters and has a relatively low resolution of 60x80.

FLIR is also releasing “PTZ 602” which is considerably less priced has a 2-year service replacement facility for regasing. This facility would enable users to regas the product onsite instead of sending the whole product back to a particular location.

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