Female Amur leopard and her two cubs at Tallinn Zoo, Estonia

Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market1 has provided an AXIS P3344-VE network video camera to Tallinn Zoo in Estonia to capture the moment an Amur leopard, one of the world's most endangered species of big cats, gave birth to two cubs. Born on the 15th April, the two cubs are very welcome additions to the zoo as there are only about 35 Amur leopards remaining in the wild and this is believed to be the first live recording of a birth. In preparation for the birth, the zoo approached Axis' partner in Estonia, Digisilm to install a camera in the leopard's lair to record the imminent arrivals and so they could monitor progress. An AXIS P3344-VE network video camera was installed so that a live feed of the birth could also be streamed over the Internet for those around the world with an interest in this particular breed of leopard.