Ensuring maximum security at Millhaven Institution with Senstar's perimeter solution

Millhaven, like many of Canada's correctional institutions, has been one of Senstar's system projects since the 1980s. The company's products have been integral to Correctional Service Canada's (CSC's) security upgrades for two decades with solutions evolving alongside client needs.

A core product at Millhaven is Senstar's Intelli-FLEX™, a fence-mounted cable which is installed on perimeter fences. Intelli-FLEX™ is a microphonic intrusion detection system that analyzes signals generated by the flexing of a proprietary triboelectric coaxial sensor cable. The product is ideal for correctional institutions - it detects cutting of the fence fabric, climbing on it or lifting it and can distinguish between the three types of intrusions.

Installed between the two perimeter barriers is Perimitrax® that detects based on conductivity, size and movement. Thus, anybody seeking unauthorised passage would need to defeat not only the two physical barriers, but also the invisible electromagnetic system.