CCTV Cameras with NVT UTP Video Transmitters/Receivers Secures Shopping Centre in UK

Located in High Wycombe, England, Eden Shopping Centre offers shops, a cinema, bowling alley, library and restaurants. The 825,000ft2 complex accommodates 1500 parking spaces, a bus interchange and 48 modern apartments.

When the Centre needed to upgrade its surveillance system, its owners initially wanted a fibre-optic transmission network. However, after budget review, fibre-optics were deemed too expensive. The Centre needed a solution that would transmit video over long distances like fibre-optics, and provide quality images at a fraction of the cost. The answer was NVT's UTP video transmission technology.

The new network used Honeywell cameras with built-in NVT transmitters. The images are transmitted from over 200 cameras via UTP cable, installed above and below ground. Using UTP cables sped up and simplified installation and allowed the installer to include spare cable bundles for future expansion.

In the Centre's server room, NVT 32-Channel receiver hubs were installed. The NVT receivers allow quality video reception at distances up to one mile, matching fibre performance. Eden Shopping Centre now enjoys a future-proof surveillance system that will provide years of service and expandability.