DVTEL TruWitness Streams videos shoot from Smartphones into DVTEL's Latitude VMS

TruWitness™, an industry-first mobile video application that turns mobile smartphones into full-featured IP video surveillance cameras that stream video into DVTEL’s Latitude Video Management System.

TruWitness is a revolutionary application that transforms cell phones into real-time networked video surveillance cameras. Users are able to tap into the power of their smart devices to stream, record, analyze, review and export video from any location. Available with DVTEL’s Latitude 6.2 VMS, the product operates over WiFi, 3G/4G and LTE networks, and provides security and operational teams with more mobility than ever before. It extends the coverage of surveillance networks to reach blind spots and other areas that traditional cameras cannot reach, and enables the relocation of cameras in real time, as the needs arises.

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