Concept Smoke Screen E-Series Security Fog Generator explained

Concept Smoke Screen generators are incredibly powerful security smoke and security fog systems. Smoke Screen is designed to remove the primary sense of sight and in doing so defend property and defeat intruders and burglars.

The Smoke Screen Evolution Series is one of the most advanced smoke generators on the market today. All models use a precision engineered heater block and twin, high performance cartridge heaters. Installation is simple with options for overt wall mounting or covert ceiling mounting. Either way the machines will not detract from your premises' appearance.

The EVOLUTION series of Concept Smoke Screen fog generators is exactly what the name suggests - Darwin's principles proven. This range of generators represents the pinnacle of Concept Smoke Screen's engineering excellence and experience. Every aspect of what a security fog generator is intended to do has been thought out, and the current range is the end result of 40 years of continuous application development. There is even a very good reason for the shape of the generators. The E-Series is exactly the right shape to be passed through a ceiling grid and mounted above a false ceiling. Concept Smoke Screen's own installations have taught them that this is the optimal location for a security fog generator, both in terms of protecting the point of fog production, and in terms of the best way of introducing the fog itself - vertically down.