CoastalCOMS Milestone Solution Provider - XProtect Integration Overview

CoastalCOMS Milestone Solution Provider - XProtect Integration Overview The CoastalCOMS solution is an integrated solution that leverages proprietary coastal video analytics/data and Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software to provide contextual environmental measurements and information directly from processed surveillance camera images/video. With a primary focus on beach hazard identification and risk management support, the company's analytics packages provide break zone identification, wave height, wave period, snapshot people counts by preset view (or combinations of preset views), shoreline or waterline variance (mean sea level, mean high water, etc), beach width, and vessel counting. Coupled with Milestone XProtect modules and public weather data sources, the company provides the ability to schedule devices against complex environmental changes and drive beach safety and marine surveillance workflows based on changing weather or hazard thresholds. Secondarily, CoastalCOMS analytics outputs coupled with Milestone XProtect functionality can be applied by science agencies and engineering organisations as smart monitoring and data collection solutions for marine protected area monitoring and enforcement and general coastal project monitoring.