Canon presents the new VB-M40 ONVIF compatible network camera

Canon's first megapixel network camera - the VB-M40 - draws together several of Canon's technology assets to deliver its most advanced network camera. The ONVIF compliant network camera features a 20 times zoom and a 55.4 degree horizontal viewing angle within the most discreet body in its class. It also incorporates embedded video content analytics functions and a built-in SD Memory Card slot to provide a recording back-up. Because of its wide variety of functions, the VB-M40 is suitable to be deployed in all mid-to-high end surveillance markets such as: traffic management, city surveillance, retail, transportation, logistics and manufacturing. Floris Oranje, Business Development Manager of Network Camera Solutions for Canon Europe says: "It breaks new ground in terms of the range of incidents that can be detected and because the lens is Canon, there are never any trade-offs in image quality."