Bluetooth Touchless Entry with Verkada Access Control

Bluetooth Touchless Entry with Verkada Access Control

With Bluetooth (BLE) access control technology, any smartphone with the Verkada Pass app can be used as a touchless digital keycard, to gain hands-free entry and touchless access control. This not only streamlines the end-user experience, but also eliminates the security risk posed by carrying and losing physical badges. Organisation admins can also commission and decommission users immediately, by integrating with tools, such as Azure AD.

Tailgate detection is now available on Command’s web and app platforms. From a single pane of glass, organisations can detect and filter for tailgating events in real-time across all sites. On top of that, this new capability does not require specialised (or even new) hardware.

With integrated video security and access control, Verkada leverages data from door events and edge-based video analytics to produce an accurate people count. If multiple people enter a doorway through one access grant, the system raises an alert and flags it as a tailgating incident.

Other Verkada Pass application updates include:

  • Increasing Login Security with Magic Links: By bundling authentication with email verification, Magic Links allow users to log into Verkada Pass without a password. Instead of entering login credentials, users are sent a URL with an embedded token to their email address. After clicking on the Magic Link, they are redirected back to the Verkada Pass App having successfully signed in. Two-factor authentication can also be enabled as an extra layer of security.

Multi-Account Login: With the ability to switch between accounts from their profile, users can now log into multiple accounts at once. Combined with Magic Links, this makes it simpler and easier to manage doors across multiple organisations.

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