American dynamics - How to count people passing using Victor and VideoEdge Intelligence

The following video demonstrates how to count people passing using Victor and VideoEdge Intelligence. The steps include:

  • Open web browser and navigate to VideoEdge administration interface
  • Enable ‘video intelligence’ as video analysis mode on camera
  • Create alarm rule of type ‘Enter’ and draw region of interest. Also configure ‘overlap’ value
  • Wait for a couple of hours
  • Open victor and open search and retrieve wizard
  • Drag in appropriate camera and choose ‘enter’ as type of search
  • Specify time period to search on
  • Select alarm rule that was created on VideoEdge Search
  • View footage from search result, showing red ‘hit’ box
  • Click ‘Visualise’ to show amount of people that have crossed region in specific time range
  • Manipulate visualiser to show ‘drilling up and down’ and viewing footage in investigator mode

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