Sanyo Real Time Digital VCR

Product Profile

The DTL-4800P digitally records CCTV images onto S-VHS tape at more than 520 TV horizontal resolution lines and as such produces very high quality recordings that cannot be matched by analogue VCRs.  The DTL-4800P has a recording capability of 37GB (when used with Sanyo SE-ST-180XZES S-VHS tapes) making it possible to record 4 times as many fields on a tape compared to VHS recording. 

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Technical Specification

Make Sanyo
Manufacturer Sanyo
Model code DTL-4800P
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse recording
Storage Capacity GB 37 GB storage
Image per second (IPS) 0.156 - 25 fps storage rate
Compression Type M-PEG
Resolution 520 TVL resolution
Recording System HDD
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