SALTO uses augmented reality to virtual preview XS4 Mini on door

Product Profile

Trying to imagine what a particular design of handle set will look like on a door is not always an easy task. Different finishes and different door materials can make it hard to visualise exactly what the actual combination will look like in a building.

To address this SALTO Systems have developed a useful app that uses augmented reality to accurately display how their new XS4 Mini electronic lock will look in a variety of combinations via a tablet or smart phone. The app contains information about XS4 Mini, a gallery of images, tech specs and a door configurator where you point the camera of your tablet or smart phone at the cover of the XS4 mini catalogue to see a 360° view of how XS4 Mini will look on that door with a choice of handle styles.

SALTO is the first access control company to develop and use this technology to present their products, enabling potential XS4 Mini users to view exactly how it will look on their own doors. It is part of a comprehensive range of ‘go to market tools’ developed for our new generation of XS4 2.0 re-volution products including a dedicated XS4 Mini website, new  vertical market catalogues, new SALTO access control portal for our partners, new experience centre, social initiatives and much more.

To use the new tool, simply download the XS4 Mini App in your preferred format (iOS or Android) to access the augmented reality application which will give you a selectable virtual preview of the XS4 Mini product range to see how the XS4 Mini will look on your door.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer SALTO Systems
Model code XS4 mini
Series XS4 Series
Lock Type Electric Locks
Additional info SALTO XS4 mini is an electronic locking device. It includes SALTO features like SALTO Virtual Network SVN and wireless capability in a mini size. Embedded in the heart of the product is the latest microprocessor technology, ready for the connected world, open and future-proof for online connection, wireless technology and NFC.
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