Clay – access control via the cloud from SALTO

Product Profile

Clay by SALTO is a ground-breaking new product that provides an electronic access control solution with vastly better functionality and performance than is possible in a traditional mechanical solution.

Until now many SME’s (Small Medium Enterprise’s) have been unable to take advantage of many of the top technological solutions in access control largely because of the cost and complexity of those systems.

Clay™ combines a cloud-based intuitive software platform that is easy and fast to understand and manage, with high quality and design hardware that is easy and quick to install, providing the same features as wired systems at less than 70% of the cost.

Its increased security comes from users being able to easily and intuitively establish, consult, change and cancel specific access rights by person and place and time, and all in real-time, thus eliminating the problems and limitations of their existing mechanical solutions, such as the costs associated with changing locks, keys, and cylinders when keys get lost.

Clay™ incorporates SALTO Systems’ wireless hardware, capitalising on SALTO’s outstanding products that have seen the company become one of the world’s top electronic lock manufacturers, with more than one million electronic locks installed globally.

The key hardware element is the Clay™ IQ that serves as the hub between the wireless lock and the cloud, and is so simple to set up, users need only plug it into a standard electrical socket. Neither router configuration, nor any other cabling is required.

SALTO has grown to be the market leader in Data-on-Card and wireless access control solutions by focusing on and delivering what the market needs to stay secure not just today, but tomorrow as well.

The revolutionary new Clay™ product utilizes the versatility of the cloud to give owners of SME businesses the ability to control their building access remotely and manage it in real-time via any device with an internet connection, providing security that is both flexible and future-proof.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer SALTO Systems
Model code Clay
Kits Yes
Additional info

Clay by SALTO is initially being launched into the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) market in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Netherlands with other regions and markets to follow rapidly.

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