REDSCAN RLS-3060SH laser detector from OPTEX provides enhanced security

Product Profile

OPTEX, a world-leading smart sensing technologies manufacturer, continues to demonstrate the versatility and durability of its award-winning REDSCAN laser scan detector with its five key features for optimum user-flexibility and detection.

The REDSCAN series provides advanced generation laser scan sensors that can detect an intruder, object or obstacle up to 30 metres away, through 190 degrees, and can be installed to detect horizontally or vertically, indoor or outdoor, at the user’s discretion. REDSCAN provides X & Y coordinates of the objects encountered, giving the exact position of the target. The system can be set to detect various sizes of object to trigger the different alarm levels.

The intelligent RLS-3060SH model has an inbuilt ‘loitering’ feature, to detect suspicious activity, as well as wall and fence-top protection, and flexible area-masking to highlight non-detection areas.

It similarly has specific day and night settings to limit false alarms, and a ‘define and allocate’ function, which enables users to create a number of independent detection areas to match their requirements.

The REDSCAN Manager software makes the REDSCAN even easier to configure and install: “REDSCAN Manager gives users a central platform, typically a PC, to control and customise the detector’s detection areas, adjust the functions and settings to make them appropriate for the local environment and needs,” explains Patrick Hart, OPTEX Product Engineer.

Generating an event code (Redwall Event Code), REDSCAN can be integrated with a large number of Video Management Software (VMS) and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platforms, Patrick concludes: “This provides reliable intrusion detection in the very highest security environments, ensuring the REDSCAN series continues to be a highly sought after product.”

REDSCAN is part of OPTEX’s REDWALL IP sensors range, which includes outdoor PIR detectors, IR beams and fibre-optic detection systems. REDWALL IP detectors are integrated with major VMS providers and network video recorder manufacturers, and improve the reliability of all forms of protection and the efficiency of alarm visual verification and management.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer Optex
Model code RLS-3060SH
PIR Detectors Yes
Radius m 30
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 24 V DC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 334 x 144 x 155
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -20 ~ +60 C (-4 ~ +140 F)
Additional info

Optex RLS-3060SH is an advanced generation laser scan detector. It has both intelligent detection analysis functions and adjustable detection algorithm parameters that increase its range of applications. It provides flexible solutions that streamline video surveillance and a wide range of security applications.

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