Pyronix XDL12TT-WE Wireless Low-mounted External Volumetric Detector

Product Profile

Strong wireless signalling, multi-award-winning Enforcer two-way wireless technology and a whole host of intelligent reliability, security and detection features have all gone into the XDL12TT-WE. 

The first low-mount wireless outdoor detector of the Pyronix range combines multi-award-winning Enforcer two-way wireless technology with dependable external detection protocols, including: Dual-Vision Pet Immune, Tri-Signal Detection Logic and Gaussian Frequency Modulation (GFM), to deliver a highly dependable wireless external detector. 

IP55 weatherproof rated and consisting of two independent passive infrared (PIR) sensors and one microwave (MW) sensor in one common housing, its Tri-Technology (TT) delivers advanced outdoor protection. This is because, to identify the presence of an intruder, the XDL12TT-WE utilises Tri-Signal Detection Logic alongside TT, whereby all three sensors must be activated sequentially in quick succession to create an alarm. This heightens the detector’s immunity to false alarms and ensures optimum detection performance in external conditions. 

Along with Tri-Signal Detection Logic and TT, Pyronix has also pre-empted potential false alarm issues from the presence of pets or swaying vegetation, by including Dual-Vision Pet Immune and Anti-Sway Analytics features. 

Dual-Vision Pet Immune of the XDL12TT-WE consists of its two PIRs having a dedicated volumetric field of view, with the top PIR detecting outwards and up, while the bottom PIR detects outwards and down, without either crossing the central horizontal plane between them. This setup of non-overlapping PIR sensors alongside Tri-Signal Detection Logic, delivers highly secure sequential detection and increases its tolerance to pet immunity.  

Anti-Sway Analytics digitally filters the environment to distinguish between the movement of trees and plants from the movements of an intruder, so that false alarm activations are kept to an absolute minimum. 

These external detection protocols then benefit from the advantages of Enforcer two-way wireless technology, with full supervision, anti-jamming and 128-bit wireless protocol encryption, to maximise the new XDL12TT-WE’s reliability; ensuring signals transmitted by the system are protected and any code-grabbing is prevented. 

Two-way wireless also brings with it a whole host of installation benefits, without the invasive nature of fitting wired peripherals. This increases the efficiency of the installation for our customers, while providing a steadfast detector for end-users. 

In terms of the wireless signal, the XDL12TT-WE’s high sensitivity receiver is capable of a wireless signal range of up to 1.6km in open space, which reduces the need for repeaters and therefore reduces the installation cost. 

In addition, the high-sensitivity antenna of the XDL12TT-WE ensures that the signals being transmitted and received are as strong as possible, by utilising GFM to spread the signal, while reducing unwanted noise and harmonics. This enables the outdoor detector to meet stringent European, ETSI and other worldwide standards. 

When it comes to wireless outdoor security, why not deliver the XDL12TT-WE?

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Technical Specification

Make Pyronix
Manufacturer Pyronix Limited
Model code XDL12TT-WE
PIR Detectors Yes
Coverage/ Range m 12 m coverage
Microwave Yes
Dual Element Sensor Yes
Temperature Compensation Yes
Sealed Optics Yes
Vertical Coverage 1.2 m
White Light Filter Yes
Independant Floating Thresholds (IFT) Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Wall/Ceiling Mount Wall
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: Battery - 2x 3V 4700mAh Lithium battery packs (BATT-ES1)
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 188 x 77 x 84
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -30 ~ +70 C (-22 ~ +158 F)
Additional info
  • Optimum coverage height of mounting - 1.2m
  • Detection range 12m
  • Volumetric coverage 90°
  • Tri-Signal Detection Logic
  • Adjustable PIR/MW range
  • Dual-Vision Pet Immune (up to 35kg)
  • Up to 1.6km two-way wireless
  • Anti-Sway Analytics
  • Blue Wave Technology (BWT)
  • IP55 heavy duty design
  • Flexible installation and easy setup
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