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Hands free literally means that when a user approaches a door they do not need to present their token to the reader to unlock it. A hands free interface from Paxton Access is all you need for this convenience. Simply wire it in between the reader and the control unit; it takes no time at all.

Once a hands free interface is fitted to a door the reader will detect the user token, whether that token is stored in a pocket, a handbag or attached to a wheelchair. Once the token is detected, the user is granted or denied access as appropriated without having to use their hands at all!

The best thing about Paxton Access hands free is that it is low cost and takes around ten minutes to install. Plus, only users that want hands free access need to buy the hands free tokens. All other users can carry on using their tokens as normal; it is a really economical solution. Hands free can be retrofitted to most Paxton Access readers.

Hands free is perfect for a range of scenarios

  • Hospitals - Contactless hands free helps keep environments sanitary
  • Wheelchair access - Tokens can be attached to a wheelchair, unlocking the door as a user approaches
  • External gates/barriers - Keep the user token inside the vehicle and drive straight through
  • Warehouses - Fit hands free with automatic door openers for streamlined movement
  • Offices - For complete convenience around the workplace
  • Schools - Catering for schools that need to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act
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Technical Specification

Make Paxton Access
Manufacturer Paxton Access Limited
Model code Net2 nano
Series Net2 Series
Controller Type Networkable
Max No. of Doors per Controller 1 doors/controller
No of Cardholders 10,000 cardholders
Networkable Yes
Communication Type TC/IP
Onboard No/Type of Inputs / Outputs Exit button input, door contact input, alarm/bell input, 2 relay outputs, PSU monitoring input*
Reader Max. Distance m 1000
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 V DC
Power Consumption: 110mA
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 84 x 106 x 15
Additional info

Diagnostic LEDs.  Colour-coded wiring labels.  Dedicated lock output.  Event buffering.  Central control, event reporting and control over users' access.  Each control unit is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and remembering events.  Net2 supports 200 doors per dataline.  Up to 50 codes.  All Paxton Access P-series readers may be converted to long range with the Net2Air interface.

* Tamper input

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