Paxton Access' Energy saving reader is an access control solution that guarantees energy efficiency

Product Profile

  • Money saving access control
  • A greener security solution
  • Works in a range of environments
  • Controls various electrical systems
  • Compatible with Switch2 and Net2 systems

As the need to save money and energy has increased over recent years, Paxton Access introduces the Energy saving reader - an access control device that helps ensure minimal energy usage.

While energy bills are soaring, everyday bad practises like leaving lights and electrical equipment on unnecessarily means that many businesses are paying for energy they have not properly utilised.

The Energy saving reader is a green access control solution that helps to control energy usage.

The reader cover is designed to retain a user card; upon entering a room the user places their proximity card into the card slot.

The card's presence in the reader toggles a relay that switches on all connected equipment. When the card is removed, the relay toggles back turning all equipment off.

This straightforward energy saving concept works because a user has to remove their proximity card from the reader in order to move freely around a site.

This way you only use the energy that you need and save on bills.

Use the reader to control energy on lighting, air-conditioning, heating and water in office spaces, sports clubs, hotel rooms, conference halls and many other environments.

If your business is feeling the pinch, remember that conserving energy is one of the easiest ways to save money. The current need to cut costs makes Paxton Access' Energy saving reader one of the most relevant products in access control.

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Technical Specification

Make Paxton Access
Manufacturer Paxton Access Limited
Model code 595-248
Reader Type Proximity
Standalone/ Networkable Standalone
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 8 ~ 14 V DC
Power Consumption: 80 mA
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 60 x 102 x 18
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -20 ~ +55
Protection IPX7
Additional info This energy saving reader is compatible with Switch2 and Net2 systems.
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