Panasonic’s new WV-ASM970 & WV-ASC970 software provides an all-inclusive, hybrid security solution

Product Profile

The increasing trend in switching from analogue to IP security solutions has inspired Panasonic System Networks Europe to develop and present the new WV-ASC970 IP matrix server software and the WV-ASM970 IP control software to allow flexible, all-inclusive and hybrid security solutions. 

WV-ASC970 IP matrix client software 

The WV-ASC970 software allows a server PC to integrate multiple network components into one easy-to-manage flow of data. Allowing up to 64 recorders, 64 decoders and 2048 analogue and IP cameras to be registered, security professionals have available a huge amount of information from the monitoring terminal. 

Panasonic's WV-ASC970 software is designed to ensure total cost of ownership is minimised by extending the life of Panasonic analogue cameras alongside new IP technology - convergence rather than replacement. Hosting hybrid solution such as these smoothes the transition process between analogue and IP as well as making varying network peripherals available from the user interface, including WV-ASC970 software. 

The WV-ASC970 allows both camera viewing and camera control for up to 512 individual user registrations with 64 simultaneous users supported at once, enabling collective security and remote monitoring. 

WV-ASM970 IP control software 

The WV-ASM970 client software is installed to each client PC, which enhances operation and monitoring of the full security network. Multi-monitor function enables simultaneous use of the Operation Screen and Monitoring Screen for comprehensive supervision. Other viewing options allow up to 30 IP cameras to be displayed in a 16 split screen format in MPEG-4, 2mbps mode whilst providing full location information and maintaining optimised network usage. In addition Automated Status Change uses the monitor to display a location map when an alarm is triggered to ensure security professionals can locate and action emergency response. 

In summary WV-ASC970 IP matrix server software and the WV-ASM970 IP matrix client control software are designed to smooth the transition from Analogue to IP, enhance system scalability plus extend the life of existing systems.  This makes specifying Panasonic the best choice to reduce costs and improve protection of personnel and property.

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Technical Specification

Make Panasonic
Manufacturer Panasonic System Communications Company Europe
Category CCTV>CCTV software
Model code WV-ASC970
Software Type IP Surveillance Software
Download PDF version Download PDF version

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