Real-time recording to hard disk and DVD: Panasonic's new WJ-RT416V Digital Video Recorder

Product Profile

Panasonic launches the new WJ-RT416V real-time recording unit with an internal DVD recorder drive.  A step-up model to the WJ-RT416 launched in 2006, the WJ-RT416V provides additional benefits by allowing recorded images to be copied to a DVD.  This provides an invaluable tool for both internal and external use, specifically for the police in crime investigation procedures.

Offering 704 x 288 pixels and a 16-channel simultaneous real-time recording capability, the WJ-RT416V provides a total recording time of 400 ips.  Using one MPEG-4 encoder for each two image input channels, with a total of 8 built-in encoders, the unit is able to record images from all 16 cameras at 25 ips per channel.

The WJ-RT416V encompasses high quality and high compression for economical longer recording.  MPEG-4 is a compression method suitable for the smooth recording of moving objects.  The high compression efficiency capacity of the HDD allows for more effective utilisation and longer recording compared with other methods.  Data can be transferred over the network using a smaller bandwidth, allowing for smoother image monitoring and better quality results.

The HDD capacity can be increased to a maximum of 2.5TB by installing additional HDDs via a simple process; just remove the front panel and insert them in to the designated slots, as and when required, up to five drives may be installed on the WJ-RT416V DVD model.

For simple operation, the WJ-RT416V encompasses an easy to use front panel and on-screen GUI enlargement of frequently used buttons with principal operations being executed via the cross pad and adjacent buttons.

The WJ-RT416V encompasses a number of intelligent recording functions including timer recording.  This setting enables users to set up the days of the week, the time frame for each individual camera and automatic recording.  Alarms and motion detection recording is also included, activated when motion is detected within the image of the camera; terminal input recording is started by events such as input signals from sensors etc, to provide 24-hour surveillance tailored to suit you own specific requirements.

Panasonic's new WJ-RT416V makes it easier to search for recorded images.  Direct time and date search is possible and enables users to enter a specific date and time, displaying all of the images captured closest to that said time frame.

The WJ-RT416V offers live monitoring with multi screen display imaging.  The monitor screen can be divided into 4, 6, 9, and 16 multiple frames so images from different cameras can all be observed at the same time.

With the WJ-RT416V connected to a network and the included software installed on a PC, monitoring and a variety of setting adjustments can be made from the PC including live image monitoring, play back of recorded images, recording rate setting flexibility and date/time checks.

Combining a built-in DVD recorder and 400 images per second high resolution recording, the new WJ-RT416V digital disk recorder from Panasonic's award winning System Solutions Division responds to sophisticated monitoring needs with diversified functions, regardless of stand-alone or system applications.

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Technical Specification

Make Panasonic
Manufacturer Panasonic System Communications Company Europe
Model code WJ-RT416
Channels 16
Recording Mode Real Time
Monitor Outputs 1
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Alarm I/O 16 I/O
Storage Capacity GB 250
Compression Type MPEG-4
Resolution 704 x 288
Signal Mode PAL
Audio Recording and Properties -10dB V, 51k Ohm RCA in, -10dBV, 1k Ohm RCA output
Colour Type Colour
Mount type 16 / 2
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 430 x 88 x 459
Weight kg: 12
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 240 V AC
Power Consumption: 110 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 45
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