OPTEX Smart Line: a complete series of smart active infrared Quad beam sensors for perimeter security

Product Profile

OPTEX Europe has completed its Smart Line range of wireless Quad active beams by adding nine hardwired models to cover 60, 100 and 200m detection areas.

Installers have the choice between three core models:

The basic SL-QN ideal for straightforward applications featuring:
• Quad Beam
• Magnifying lens for optical alignment

The standard SL-QDP featuring additionally:
• Four selectable channel frequency
• Dual modulation
• LED and sound alignment indicators (receiver only)

And the high spec SL-QDM providing additionally:
• LED and sound alignment indicators (transmitter and receiver)
• Dynamic data communication between receiver and transmitter for optimal alignment and performance.

By developing this new Smart Line range OPTEX wanted to offer not only the best active infrared technology, but also to solve what it considers the most critical issue in implementing active infrared technology; the alignment between the beams. If the infrared transmitter and receiver are not communicating correctly with each other, false alarms can be triggered or genuine alarms can be missed.

A number of clever tools, and features have been specifically developed to make the alignment as easy and as successful as possible: the vivid colour of the beam, the sniper view finder, the sound and LED signal gauge and the dynamic two way communication between transmitter and receiver. All these features help decrease drastically the installation time, especially for applications where the beams are 100 and 200m apart:

The new Smart Line hardwired beams have been very well received by the market with the SL-QDP and SL-QDM models especially popular. For more information, visit: http://www.optex-europe.com/smart-line-beams.

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Technical Specification

Make Optex
Manufacturer Optex
Model code SL-650QDM
Dual/ Quad Technology Quad Technology Detectors
Coverage/ Range m 200 m coverage
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 448 x 79 x 96
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -35 ~ +60 C (-30 ~ +140 F)
Power Consumption 60 mA
Additional info Double modulation. Beam power control selector. Automatic transmit power control (ATPC). IP65 rated.
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