Oncam Grandeye IPZoom

Product Profile

The Oncam Grandeye IPZoom 360-degree camera, employing sophisticated video analytics and management software, is a triggering device for a co-located, high-resolution IP PTZ camera. It has the processing capability that enables security personnel to signal and focus the IP PTZ camera anywhere within the panorama or fisheye views that the IPZoom camera generates. The end result is a flexible and intelligent security solution that catches all the action and provides high-resolution detailed images about an area of interest. The camera is compatible with Windows-based video management systems.

The IPZoom camera is the controlling camera in an IPZoom scenario. Feature-rich navigation capabilities enable users to define polygonal regions in the viewer for motion detection, tracking, privacy and auto-exposure, assisting security personnel to identify, or acquire, suspicious events, such as unusual behaviour that is characteristic of a typical adversary, objects in places they should not be, objects removed that should be there, or any other changes that could represent threats to an environment.

Then, a simple point and click of a mouse on the object or area of interest within the panorama or fisheye view "tells" the IP PTZ camera exactly where to pan, tilt and zoom to capture details. The object or persons in question can be tracked and interrogated without compromising overall 360-degree surveillance. Once a threat is verified by security personnel, an appropriate measured response can be taken.

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Technical Specification

Make Oncam
Manufacturer Oncam
Model code GE-IPZ-004
Resolution TVL 5 MP
Megapixel Yes
Dome Type PTZ
Sensitivity lux 0.5
Mount Type Wall, Ceiling
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 5 V DC
Power Consumption: 5 W
Compression H.264 / MJPEG
White Balance Yes
Network Properties Network Protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, NTP
Image Frame Rate: 4 ~ 10 fps
Physical Specifications Weight g: 1,200
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -40 ~ +70 C (-40 ~ +158 F)
Protection: IP67
System Requirments Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7.0; 32 bit and 64 bit
Additional info

The Oncam Grandeye IPZoom 360 degree camera’s easy-to-use viewer comes with a toolbar, status bar and support menus. It displays direction cursors while panning IP PTZ camera. It also has Windows permission-based feature enabling (e.g .administrator vs. user).

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