NICE unveils new NiceVision® smart video solutions

Product Profile

Latest developments in digital recording and content analytics enhance effectiveness of security operations.

NICE Systems unveiled the latest additions to its NiceVision® suite of smart digital video solutions at IFSEC 2004, including NiceVision NVSAT, a smart video server designed for customers requiring video transmission and analysis across distributed sites with high degrees of resilience and capacity.

With this new technology, the NiceVision product platform now offers a combined centralized and distributed architecture.  For example, transportation hubs can implement video analysis in local railway stations, providing instant alerts of potential security incidents on-site.


NICE also launched NiceVision® Alto, an innovative CCTV digital video recording solution for the mid to high end market, making sophisticated video analysis accessible to a much broader range of customers and setting new standards for performance and flexibility.


NiceVision Alto and NiceVision NVSAT expand NICE’s suite of product offerings, joining the existing NiceVision Pro for high-end, large-scale organisations, and NiceVision Harmony, for smaller applications.


NiceVision delivers high capacity digital recording, superior video quality, advanced video networking and robust content analytics in one complete system.


Product highlights include:


Superior video quality - delivering best video quality to storage/bandwidth performance, combining real-time (4CIF) high resolution with MPEG4 “Main Profile” compression.


Robust content analytics – combining real-time alerts with instant investigation.  Applications include: baggage detection, intrusion detection, vehicle detection and crowd detection.


Advanced video networking – leveraging existing CCTV and IP infrastructure, supporting range of networked storage solutions and offering easy migration path.

High capacity, space efficient recording – providing up to 96 channels with real-time, non-multiplexed, video per camera.
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer NICE CTI Systems UK Ltd
Model code NiceVision Pro
Series NiceVision Series
Channels 96 channels
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event recording
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Monitor Outputs 16
Multiplexer Type Triplex
Storage Capacity GB 1024 GB storage
Image per second (IPS) 25 (PAL)/30 (NTSC) fps storage rate
Compression Type Standard ITU-T, H.263+, MPEG4, M-JPEG
Resolution CIF and 4CIF resolutions resolution
Signal Mode PAL, NTSC
Audio Recording and Properties 24 in
Recording System HDD, RAID
Mount type 96 in, 16 out
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 480 x 180 x 596
Weight kg: 35 kg
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 550
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 40
Operating Humidity %: 20 ~ 80
Additional info High capacity, space efficient recording, up to 96 channels of real-time video per camera.  Superior video quality, MPEG4 Main Profile compression, with real-time 4CIF high resolution.  Event-driven and time-driven search capabilities.  Advanced video networking, IT-grade platform, offering easy migration path, analog and IP cameras recording, allowing hybrid IP/analog configurations in the same unit, PTZ support.  Massive DSP-based video analytics, combining real-time alerts and instant investigation, Video Motion Detection (VMD) per camera.  Flexible, networked storage, enhancing data survivability and disaster recovery capabilities.  HDD, AIT, RAID-1, RAID-5 support.  1 TB of internal hard drive storageUp to 10.2 TB of external RAID storageUp to 18 TB of external digital tape storage (AIT2)Up to 12 TB of external digital tape storage (AIT3).
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