NiceVision NVSAT and Alto – networked video recording and analysis solutions – new from NICE

Product Profile

NiceVision NVSAT launched the concept of the Smart Video Server, created especially for distributed organisations.  It takes video from 2 to 8 cameras and encodes them for transmission across an IP network, making it ideal for outlying sites and clusters of cameras across large campuses.  NiceVision NVSAT makes CCTV monitoring smarter because it can be loaded with NiceVision video analysis applications, to make efficient use of network resources in response to detected threats.  The NiceVision NVSAT:
  • transmits up to 8 channels of real-time, 4CIF video across IP networks
  • combines codec, recording and video analysis in one compact unit
  • automatically adapts resolution, frame-rate and bit-rate to detected security threats

NiceVision Alto offers proven video analysis and recording quality in a flexible, easy to configure package, and introduces complete level-of-service flexibility to the DVR market.  It allows users to optimize use of valuable video networking, processing and storage resources by automatically adjusting resolution, frame rate and picture quality according to schedules or in response to detected events.  Key features:
  • stand-alone or fully networked DVR, 16 – 32 channels, 1TB integrated RAID
  • full level-of-service control of resolution, frame-rate and bit-rate
  • proven video analysis applications, MPEG4 main profile recording and networking
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer NICE CTI Systems UK Ltd
Model code NiceVision NVSAT
Series NiceVision Series
Transmission type High-End transmission
Video Inputs 8 channels
Alarm Inputs 4 ~10 alarms
Video Outputs 1
Network Properties Compression Type: MPEG-4
Signal Mode PAL, NTSC
Physical Specifications Weight g: 7 kg
Dimensions mm: 300 x 270 x 94
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 45
Video Signal V, ohms Analog Composite
Additional info NiceVision NVSAT is a smart video server for encoding and streaming high-quality video over IP networks, as well as performing real-time distributed video analysis.  Combining transmission and recording elements, NiceVision NVSAT is designed for high-quality monitoring applications, targeting customers that require effective video streaming over long distances using a dedicated or shared IP infrastructure.
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