MicroPower will select one school per month over the next 10 months to receive the hardware, software and additional equipment to implement SOLVEIL HD
MicroPower seeks to assist schools through a partnership that partially addresses today’s common financial limitations

MicroPower Technologies Inc., an award-winning provider of surveillance solutions optimised for rapid, cost-effective deployment, announced recently that it will offer its SOLVEIL integrated solar, wireless surveillance platform to K-12 schools through a newly developed grant programme designed to help schools better address threats and further strengthen security efforts. 

Enhancing school security

Faced with the growing threats of violence, vandalism and attacks, today’s schools must ensure a safe environment for students, faculty and staff, while protecting infrastructure and assets. With continued budget restraints, investments for security expansions can be limited. MicroPower seeks to assist schools through a partnership that partially addresses today’s common financial limitations.  

MicroPower will select one school per month over the next 10 months to receive the hardware, software and additional equipment necessary to implement SOLVEIL HD. The SOLVEIL package includes a megapixel surveillance camera, solar panel, lens and RF radio, lithium ion batteries, a pole mount adapter, one Hub and one Ethernet connector. MicroPower will collaborate to identify a certified systems integration partner to assist the school with the installation.

“Today’s educational facilities face a growing number of challenges that can hinder the open environments that best support learning. Today’s schools need open video surveillance solutions that can help address risks in outdoor and perimeter locations,” said Aaron Tankersley, CEO, MicroPower. “The grant program is one way that MicroPower hopes to give back to communities and schools that need added security, but are unable to fully commit to updated technology because of budget constraints.”

SOLVEIL HD platform

The SOLVEIL HD surveillance platform is a powerful and highly reliable megapixel camera that allows users to achieve high-resolution video coverage in perimeter and outdoor areas for enhanced security and operations monitoring. Its integrated wireless and solar-power capabilities eliminate the need for power, network and transmission cabling, reducing up-front costs and installation complexity. Operating on a nominal ¾-watt, the SOLVEIL solution can capture and transmit live video up to a half-mile away and provide reliable performance for up to five days on a single charge of its integrated, long-life battery pack. SOLVEIL is ONVIF Profile S conformant and easily integrates with today’s leading video management systems.

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