PROTECT 2010 News

PROTECT 2010 promotes resiliency against natural and man-made disasters

PROTECT 2010 promotes enhanced preparedness, response, rescue and recovery mechanisms for firmsIn the light of expected increase in frequency and degree of natural disasters arising from climate change, lifeline institutions such as local governments, schools, hospitals, housing, commercial buildings, and hotels need to pay close attention to preparedness, response, rescue and recovery mechanisms. An exemplary record of safety is equivalent to saving lives. Likewise, critical infrastructures and...

Sony to exhibit video security solutions at PROTECT 2010 conference

Among the products on display at PROTECT 2010 will be Sony's video surveillance systemSony's video security system which leads the way for hybrid surveillance solutions will be on exhibit during the international conference and exhibit, PROTECT 2010: Doing Business Amidst New Threats, from April 15 to 16, 2010, at the New World Hotel.Sony Corp, of Japan has developed a digitised or IP-based video surveillance system that enables users to protect and safeguard their assets with higher image...

PROTECT 2010 conference to promote partnership between government and business community for greater security

 Preparedness to save lives and swift response to disasters are essential business continuity toolsThe killer earthquakes in Haiti and Chile are reminders to the business community that preparedness to save lives and protect critical infrastructures and data against natural and man-made disasters, swift response and quick recovery are necessary tools to assure business continuity. Companies implementing business continuity or risk reduction strategies better than their rivals strengthen the...

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