Barco's surveillance solutions prove their mettle at awards event with several wins 
Barco received the "Best Lighting 
Product" award at 2010 
Rental and Staging award
Visualisation pioneer Barco is proud to announce that several of its products won awards or were featured in award-winning projects. Kicking off InfoComm 2010, held in June at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, NV, Barco received an award for "Best Lighting Product" for its Cyberlight 2.0 at the 2010 Rental & Staging Awards. Chris Colpaert, VP of Creative Lighting for Barco commented: "Barco's commitment to the live events industry is solid. With a wide and ever-expanding array of innovative products, we are continually raising the bar for creativity and flexibility to create dynamic, high-impact lighting presentations."

Also at InfoComm, Lighting&Sound America, ARCHI-TECH and PRO AV honoured selected design consultants, many of whom utilised Barco products in their installations. The Carolina Herrera boutique at City Centre in Las Vegas, featuring Barco's SLM 12+ projectors, won a 2010 ARCHI-TECH AV award for Best AV project. The ARCHI-TECH AV award is given for outstanding examples of the creative and effective integration of technology into traditional construction projects. David Schwartz of Essential Communications, the designer for the project, accepted the honour, commenting on Barco's solution: "The projectors allowed us to really capture the essence of Carolina Herrera's sophisticated, yet understated brand." ARCHI-TECH deemed it "...the most understated Las Vegas visual opulence to ever hit the Strip." A+I Design Corp and Candela Controls, Inc., which collaborated on the project, were also recognised for their contributions.

Several other AV integrators and consultants that have partnered with Barco over the years also received prestigious "PRO AV Spotlight" awards for projects that included Barco products. Tampa, Florida-based AVI-SPL received the award for "Best Government AV Project (State & Local)" for its New York City Hall Situation Room, using Barco FDR+70-DL cubes and Transform A wall processors/cards. The "Best House of Worship AV Project" was awarded to Mankin Media Systems for The Block, a project using Barco's FLM HD18 DLP projectors.

At the InfoComm/Lighting&Sound America (LSA) Staged Events Awards, three of the top five winners for outstanding staged events held in 2009 featured Barco products. For "Best Overall Staging for a Corporate or Association Event, Technology Budget $50,000-199,999",  Riverview Systems Group took home the prize for the Columbia F10 project for the Columbia Sportswear Company in Sunriver, Oregon. The project incorporated Barco's FLM HD18 DLP projectors, a Barco Encore System package, and two Barco ILite 8 LED walls. Freeman, based in Dallas, Texas, won the "Best Overall Staging for a Corporate or Association Event, Technology Budget over $200,000" for its staging of the Miller-Coors Distributors Conference Business Session, held in Las Vegas. The installation included five Barco Encore video processors and ten Barco FLM HD18 DLP projectors. "Best Use of A/V Technology for a Trade Show Booth for a Corporate Client" was awarded to BlueWater Technologies for the GM booth at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The project integrated Barco DX700 processing into six GM divisions, and included a 16 x 9 NX-4 LED wall and 100 NX-6 LED tiles from Barco. The Volt exhibit included a 16 x 9 NX-4 LED wall and 225 Barco MiTRIX LED tiles.

Barco products play an important role in the industry's most unique creative visualisation projects

Just prior to InfoComm, one of Barco's long-time design partners, The Barnycz Group, received a 2010 Merit Award from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) for its American Eagle Outfitters Flagship Spectacular project. Commissioned by American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) for its flagship store in New York City's Times Square, the project featured a 25-story-high, 15,000 square foot digital signage array which broadcasted live images of AEO customers in billboard fashion, giving them a 15-second taste of fame. Barco helped to create the 12-faceted assemblage using 1,441 weather-resistant Barco TF-20 LED panels wrapped around the sides of the building, generating an amazing 3.5 million pixels. Danny Barnycz, founder and President of the company commented: "In Times Square, what we wanted to create for American Eagle Outfitters was a 'canvas' that brings their brand and lifestyle to front and centre. We created a multi-tiered, interactive high definition digital canvas that allows the retailer to dynamically communicate its brands and promote its product offerings." In addition, Chain Store Age awarded the project "Best Retail Store of the Year (Exterior)".

Dave Scott, Sr VP Barco NV & President Barco North America, commented on the awards and Barco's involvement in these diverse projects. "Time after time, we've shown that Barco products play an all-important role in the industry's most unique, creative visualisation projects," said Scott. "The leading designers, integrators and staging companies come to Barco for solutions to help fulfil their visions for clients, knowing that we have the right gear to meet their goals. InfoComm 2010 provided a wonderful stage for us to demonstrate not only our accomplishments, but our commitment to innovation for this exciting industry as we congratulate our partners."

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Secure access control is helping to shape the post-pandemic world
Secure access control is helping to shape the post-pandemic world

With the continued rolling back of COVID restrictions in the UK, there is a palpable sense of relief. A mixture of mass vaccinations, widespread testing, and track and tracing of the infection is helping to enable a healthy bounce back for businesses – with secure access control taking an important role in facilitating this. However, rather than just being a reaction to the wake of the pandemic, there is every sign that the economy, and consequently the security sector as well, are both rebuilding and reshaping for the long-term new normal. Prioritising Safety Already deemed an essential service even during the first wave of the pandemic, the security industry has of course taken a vital role in protecting people and property throughout the crisis. Now that venues in the UK are starting to reopen again, our services are key to occupancy management and ensuring that disease transmission is limited as far as possible. Access control is also key in reassuring people that their safety is a priority. Making the upgrade It’s all been about choosing the most suitable components and technology that already existed with a few “tweaks”  Businesses and organisations have a duty of care to their employees and the safety of visitors – so controlling access, employing lateral flow testing, and deploying suitable Track & Trace mechanisms are all key components. I think those outside our industry are surprised to learn that most of the technology being deployed and used hasn’t just magically developed since COVID appeared – it’s all been about choosing the most suitable components and technology that already existed albeit with a few development “tweaks” or adjustments for the situation at hand. This includes using or installing facial recognition readers rather than using fingerprint or contact tokens, it is swapping to automatic request to exit sensors instead of buttons; it is using powered secure doors rather than having people all grab the same handle. Using mobile credentials is also a key technology choice – why not use the highly secure, easy to manage, cost-effective, and of course contact-free benefits of this approach? Touchless solutions We have seen a clear shift in organisations looking to protect their staff and visitors. For instance, we have a big utility customer in Southeast Asia that has just replaced close to 200 sites using fingerprint readers with an additional facial recognition capability. We have also seen a big rise in demand for touchless request to exit sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy Readers for use with smartphone authentication. Working together Integration of security systems is of course nothing new, but in the post-pandemic or endemic age, it has perhaps never been more important. Installations need to be simple, straightforward, and rapid to help maintain safe distancing but also to ensure systems can be deployed as soon as they are needed. The world is changing and developing rapidly and there is simply no place for systems that don’t work with others or cause the end-user considerable cost and inconvenience to upgrade. This flexible delivery of security solutions perfectly matches the evolving and increasing demands of the market. It’s clear that end-users want systems that work well and can easily integrate with their existing systems – not only security but all the other business components which work in unison with each other over a shared network. Great opportunities ahead The recent work-from-home trend is also clearly changing the way organisations and businesses interact with the built environment. Lots of companies are downsizing, offices are being split up, there is lots of revitalisation and reuse of existing office space – all of which creates considerable opportunities for security providers. UK inflation more than doubled in April 2021 with unemployment figures dropping and the Pound rising in value There are also, in the UK at least, clear signs that the construction industry is rapidly growing again -with a forecast of 8% rebound and growth this year. UK inflation more than doubled in April 2021 with unemployment figures dropping and the Pound rising in value – all positive signs for UK-based security providers. Undoubtedly the highly successful UK vaccination rollout has helped considerably, but there are signs that the Eurozone looks set to improve considerably over the next few months as well. Using integrated access control Undoubtedly the pandemic has made security markets around the world more aware of the benefits of integrated access control in managing the needs of the new normal COVID endemic environment. For example, as a business, we have always had keen interest from the UK healthcare sector, but over the last 12 months, we have seen a big growth in previously modest international markets including Morocco, Kuwait, Bahrain, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand – all of which are very keen to adopt improved access control solutions. Learning the lessons Nobody would deny the last year or so has been unprecedentedly tough on everyone, as a society we have had to make huge changes and sacrifices. Governments, organisations, and businesses all need to be better prepared in the future, to understand the things that went wrong and those that were successful. However, there is a world beyond the immediate pandemic and its effects. Flexible working practices and the changes these will have to the way we live and work will undoubtedly present great opportunities for the security sector in helping the world evolve. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for many organisations with regards to their duty of care to employees – particularly when it comes to mental health and providing a sensible work/life balance. Where we work and the safety of these facilities has received far more scrutiny than before. Flexible security systems Integrated security solutions have a vital role to play in not only protecting the safety of people during the post-lockdown return to work but also in the evolution of the built environment and move towards smart cities - which inevitably will now need to consider greater flexibility in securing home working spaces rather than just traditional places of work. Importantly, powerful access control and integrated security systems need to be flexible to the uncertainties ahead. The COVID pandemic has shown that nothing can be considered certain, except the need for greater flexibility and resilience in the way we operate our professional and personal interactions.

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Which security technologies will be useful in a post-pandemic world?

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