Overall, 2016 has been a great year for AxxonSoft. We have seen great progress in the industry on an economic level as well as in development.

Europe’s economy has been on the rise and particularly the United Kingdom. As a result, we have seen new technologies emerging in the market and a lot more opportunities.

Benefits of cloud services and future trends

From a software stance, we have noticed the benefits of cloud service, and requests are becoming more regular.

In the UK, Brexit has put a spanner in the works for a short while as it caused uncertainty in the market and led to organisations being reluctant to spend their capital on security upgrades. However, it seems that now the industry has relaxed somewhat, and we are seeing an increase in opportunities.

Looking ahead, I believe we will see progress in on-board analytics from camera vendors as the technology in cameras advances. As a result, I believe the winners in the industry will be those organisations that will embrace this and utilise those features in full. The security industry is a fast-changing environment as the synergy between physical security and IT merges further.

Expanding regional support

At AxxonSoft, we have been working hard to bring new features to the market. We have released the Axxon Next v4 VMS platform, which is the most comprehensive VMS currently on the market. Additionally, we have also released some advanced features such as Offline Analytics.

AxxonSoft is rapidly expanding globally, which brings more challenges. To keep up with the demand, we have been expanding our regional support. Therefore, in 2016, we have incorporated AxxonSoft UK, the Regional Office for North Europe.

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