SALTO Systems has released version 4.0 of ProAccess SPACE, the web-based, simple-to-use access control software for managing users and doors.

ProAccess SPACE offers a platform with a user-centered interface designed for maximum efficiency in managing users and doors. The latest version includes: multiple wandering intruder detections, full HTML5 support, webcam support, and improved audit trail filtering/reports and user experience concerning locations/functions in the front-end.

ProAccess SPACE brings a superior level of flexibility and capability to access control management. Recent mobile access integrations have added superior efficiency and more convenience.

Designed to build on the established SALTO ProAccess and HAMS software family, SPACE is web-based software with an easy to install SQL database engine embedded inside.

Customer-specific activation codes

SPACE’s modular design has customer-specific activation codes at its centre, letting users choose and pay for just the features and functions they need now, with the flexibility to upgrade at a later date as their needs grow. Importantly, this scalable philosophy also means that current SALTO customers with ProAccess or HAMS software can upgrade easily to SPACE to take advantage of SPACE's additional features and functionality.

Because it has a web-based, user-centered interface, the system can be managed or operated from different workstations simultaneously without risk of database corruption. No need to install the software in all operator PCs, just simply install SALTO ProAccess SPACE Service on one server or computer, and then give access to other authorised computers inside the network. SPACE works with all standard web browsers and can be used with Windows tablets.

ProAccess SPACE 4.0 features and benefits

  • Alarm events management, allowing among other options to trigger a lockdown area or send an email.
  • Door openings from offline locks audited on mobile apps and sent back to DB in real time.
  • HTML5 support for basic license.
  • Control of inputs and outputs for Online CU4EB8 boards managed entirely from SPACE.
  • Enhanced filtering and sorting in windows with list of items.
  • Third-party readers: configuration templates and multiple codes per user.
  • View users having permissions to access a given room.
  • Full CUADAP support in CU4000.
  • Mobile keys no longer stored in cloud, but obtained in real-time from ProAccess SPACE.

Please visit the SALTO ASIS 2017 Booth 3647 for a live demo.