Rittal, a manufacturer of IT Racks and Datacentre solution provider continues to reinstate its strong presence in Middle East region with their certified high-quality, system-tested Physical Security systems for IT infrastructure, displayed and showcased on their innovation stand participation at Intersec 2017.

Products to take centre stage this year will be “Micro Data Centre and IT Security rooms”. A preview of the standardised datacentre solution from Rittal - ‘Rimatrix S’ will also be a key highlight on the stand this year, opening up brand new perspectives for the IT world.

IT Security Room

Mr. Joseph Najjar, Managing Director, Rittal Middle East, said, “Intersec, with its global recognition, elevates Rittal strengths on its IT physical security offerings to the market. Acknowledging the growing need for physical security for IT, our display of physical security offerings (IT Security Room and Micro Data Centre) will be a strong, resilient proposition to the leading security consultants and clients who value their critical IT equipment and data centres. The physical display of the IT Security Room on our stand at Intersec 2017 will be one of the realistic touch-and-feel showcases to experience our Promise - ' Our Expertise - Your Benefit'.”

Intersec, an international recognised platform, will surely help in building great brand awareness and elevate Rittal brand equity too. Since GITEX is the only other IT exhibition where Rittal participates directly in the region, participation at Intersec delivers growth stimulus for Rittal in the region.

Rittal expects the solutions display at Intersec 2017 will benefit those looking at collaboration of solutions across all verticals

System-tested protection levels

A Standard security room includes Fire protection category EI 90 to EN 1363/F90 to DIN 4102, protection from unauthorised access, Resistance category II to DIN V ENV 1630, Basic EMC protection, Impact test with 3,000 Nm energy after 30 min. flame impingement over uniform temperature curve and dust and water protection to IP 56 to IEC 60 529. Benefits galore from system-tested protection levels, multi-functional risk coverage, dust- and noise-reduced installation, dismantling and reassembly plus extendibility, investment security and lastly, compatibility with cross-plant IT infrastructures.

Collaborated security solutions

Noting the shift in demands of the region pertaining to IT information and security, physical infrastructure for entire IT systems has raised the bar to a non-negotiable situation. This need to be on top of information and systems for all enterprises makes Intersec a must visit platform. Rittal expects the solutions display at Intersec 2017 will benefit those looking at collaboration of solutions across all verticals. Rittal local office team members and Personnel from the Headquarters in Germany will be a part of the show and support on engagements with the audience at the Rittal Stand.