The Vess A-Series network video recorders (NVRs) are now certified for use with Bosch video management system software (BVMS). This offers customers a perfectly optimised solution that delivers the highest levels of performance and reliability. 

Video surveillance solutions have never been more critical to businesses and organisations around the world than they are today. Many organisations are looking for possibilities to deploy a system to help them achieve their security objectives and the volume of data can sometimes be overwhelming.

Seamless integration with Promise storage

The Bosch video management system (BVMS) is a unique enterprise IP video security solution that offers seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. It integrates seamlessly with Promise’s servers and storage solutions for video surveillance.

The Vess A-Series NVRs are purpose-built for video surveillance and together with BVMS; this integrated solution is resilient, affordable and scalable for systems of any size. Promise Vess supports centralised storage using Vess A-Series and Microsoft iSCSI gateway. It also supports a distributed configuration using Vess A-Series as the management server and VRM server, and Vess R-Series as the pure iSCSI target.

Benefits of integration

  • Verified performance with extensive documentation on testing procedure and results
  • Do more for less: BVMS running on a single, all-in-one, Promise NVR storage server
  • Integrated solution is fully optimised to benefit from built-in Bosch BVMS resilience
  • Using One-Plug-Auto-Service (OPAS), Promise devices are easy to service and maintain
  • Flexibility to record directly to pure iSCSI storage solutions (Vess R2000)
  • Utilises SNMP for monitoring the system