COSEC VEGA BBU is a battery backup unit for COSEC VEGA series door controllers. It provides battery backup for 5 to 6 hours to VEGA door controller. It can be used for access control and time-attendance applications.

COSEC VEGA BBU is designed to be used along with the COSEC VEGA FAX/CAX devices. It is a wireless device with built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G/4G connectivity. This advance connectivity and battery backup facilitates its use in mobile or makeshift sites. When any user punches on the device, it sends real-time user data to the server using available wireless connectivity.

COSEC VEGA BBU battery backup applications

COSEC VEGA BBU device can be used at sites where installation of a device is difficult. Discussed below are places where this device can prove to be a perfect solution.

Makeshift sites

At times workers and employees at changing government project sites, office transport vehicles, school buses, military buses, etc. face difficulties in marking their attendance. Using VEGA BBU at such sites can make attendance marking an easy enough process for the workers and employees

Securing large areas

VEGA BBU can be used at large sites such as ports for preventing unauthorised user entry in the premises. An unidentified user trespassing in the area can be immediately recognised through this mobile device.

VEGA BBU can be used at large sites
such as ports for preventing
unauthorised user entry

Remote installations

This device is a perfect solution for sites where installation of a punching device is not possible. At such sites, project managers or respective authority can carry this wireless device to each employee and have their attendance marked.

At many remote sites power failure is a big problem. This may result in the punching device not working, hence, making it difficult for workers and employees to mark their attendance. COSEC VEGA BBU, with its wireless feature, can prove to be a perfect solution for such sites.


  • Wireless Device, no installation required
  • Easy attendance marking in remote or makeshift sites
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Timely and error free salary payment

Who can benefit from COSEC VEGA BBU?

  • Construction companies (on sites)
  • Government (Projects at makeshift sites)
  • Organisations having buses for people mobility (School, Corporate, Military)
  • Organisations having remote sites