LifeSafety Power® Inc., Mundelein, Illinois, a provider of Smarter Power Solutions and patented remote networking capabilities, announced the appointment of respected industry veteran Steve Wagner to the company’s Board of Directors.

LifeSafety Power growth

LifeSafety Power has experienced phenomenal growth since first unveiling the FlexPower® product line in 2010 and with this appointment is taking the next step in solidifying its category-defining role as a network-based intelligent power management solution provider. Steve Wagner, former president of Mercury Security and now principal at Cartwright Partners, LLC, is a highly respected security industry veteran and business strategist whose executive career spans 30 years in the access control industry.

In this new capacity, Wagner will further entrench LifeSafety Power’s pioneering role as the creator of network-based, intelligent power solutions enabling new managed services – and the intrinsic and necessary value that brings to the marketplace.

Future strategy

"It’s time to take the company
to the next level in the sector
they have created – intelligent
managed power."

I’m extremely excited to help shape the future strategy of LifeSafety Power and their move into new markets,” said Steve Wagner. “LifeSafety Power mirrors some of the firms I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years. They are good people who aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting after changing their industry.  They’ve been highly successful over a short period of time, establishing several significant partnerships. It’s time to take the company to the next level in the sector they have created – intelligent managed power.

LifeSafety Power is not in the power supply business; we provide mission critical services. Nothing works in a building without power. That value proposition needs to be unequivocally understood by the industry and users. The economic value to be gleaned from the proactive networking of our intelligent power solutions is substantial,” Wagner said.

Value message

Larry Ye, president of LifeSafety Power, said the company is extremely fortunate to tap Wagner’s expertise.  “Here we are in a category of our making and the true value proposition of managed power is still unfolding. With Steve Wagner working alongside us we will crystalise the value message that defines our category and educate the industry how our products create more robust and reliable security solutions,” Ye said.

Steve Wagner will work with the board to strengthen the company’s position in the market, added John Olliver, LifeSafety Power’s senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development.  "Steve’s management experience at Mercury Security and HID Global will provide the insight to our board needed to take the company into its next growth stage.”