The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, in partnership with Johnson Controls, released the Safety and Security Quick Guides, an online platform to educate communities, business owners, and chambers of commerce on steps they can take to ensure a safe, crime-free work environment.

Incident management

“We understand that the success of a business depends on its safety and resilience, and in turn, how important a role businesses play in promoting health and vitality in their communities,” said Marc DeCourcey, Senior Vice President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. “The Safety and Security Quick Guides will help businesses of all sizes protect their assets and employees.”

The Quick Guides feature easy-to-use tutorials on how to prevent burglary, employee crime, workplace violence, and more. The Quick Guides will also provide resources and practical steps for business owners to:

  • Understand the top security threats they face
  • Identify actions that owners and employees can take before a crime occurs to limit resource loss
  • Reduce business vulnerability to external threats
  • Work with employees to design fast-response plans when an incident occurs

 Interconnected technology and systems

“Our work is rooted in a commitment to creating safer, smarter, more sustainable communities. As large and small businesses increasingly turn to interconnected technology and systems for improved efficiencies and intelligence, they forge new roads with regulations and potential threats,” said Kim Metcalf-Kupres, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Johnson Controls. “This education platform is designed to provide practical guidance for businesses navigating these new and emerging workplace challenges.”

On Wednesday, March 29, the U.S. Chamber Foundation will host a national webinar to discuss safety and security best practices.