Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), an innovator in artificial intelligence and robotics, and SMP Robotics Systems Corp. will unveil the upgraded capabilities of SMP Robotics S5 Security Robot during 2017 ISC West Conference and Expo, being held April 5-7, in Las Vegas. SMP Robotics and RAD have entered into a distribution agreement in which RAD serves as the master distributor for SMP Robotics across North America.

Facilitating robot rental programme

The strategic relationship lets RAD provide sales support, assembly and final testing of the robotic solutions prior to distribution. SMP solutions integrate RAD's intelligent software platform, which allows for the customisation of the robot's capabilities based on the unique needs of the customer. Through its distributor relationship with SMP, RAD facilitates the robot rental program in North America, and supports ongoing technology management and maintenance.

“Since 2009, SMP Robotics has spearheaded the development of more than a dozen models of robots for various purposes, and we are pleased to align with RAD to extend the reach of our solutions in key markets throughout North America, said Leo Ryzhenko, CEO, SMP Robotics. “RAD's established network provides us with greater coverage to further support our market growth throughout the Americas.

SMP Robotics S5 Security Robot

The SMP Robotics S5 Security Robot is an outdoor, autonomous unmanned ground vehicle that leverages advanced navigation, obstacle avoidance sensors and intelligent mechanics to support traditional manned guard services. Each robot is equipped with a panoramic video surveillance system, obstacle avoidance system, two-way audio and a panic button. The security robot incorporates an open platform for integration with existing sensors, surveillance systems and other software platforms to streamline operations. It supports a wide range of video management solutions, including Milestone and Genetec platforms.

“There is significant interest in using security robots to streamline operations, protect critical assets and augment human personnel in a wide variety of market applications,said Steve Reinharz, Founder and CEO, RAD. “The collaboration between SMP Robotics and RAD is a culmination of technological innovation and close collaboration that extends the capabilities of both organisations and enables our customers to achieve operational and security goals in a more efficient, effective manner.

With more than 28,000 industry professionals and over 1,000 exhibits, ISC West is the largest physical security event in the Americas.