Russia’s demand for data centre services has been rapidly growing over the last few years. This has been driven by the development of corporate IT systems alongside the demand for backup services for the growing volume of business-critical data. Moscow is becoming a hotspot for technology investment as almost 65% of the net area of Russia’s data centre space is located here.

According to Alexey Danilyants, CEO of Moscow-based data centre operator Stack Group, Russian market is extremely client-oriented: service providers have to offer more flexible solutions, with deeper integration and understanding of the customer needs providing specific IT architecture and services.

Developing cloud solutions

Alexey believes that in next 3-4 years, there will be a fair number of empty racks, even with allowances made for the data generated by Russian businesses. As a result, today we see a customer-driven market.

Alexey is sure that the main driver for the development of data centres industry over the next few years will be cloud technology. Professional data centres operators and integrators are interested in developing cloud solutions, as they are flexible, scalable and more durable for the business. There are fairly large numbers of experienced service providers in Russia offering reliable, high quality solutions for the market.

Event highlights

  • Data centre nowadays
  • Analysis and management of flows in modern data centres
  • Evolution and application of security tools in modern data centres
  • Cloud data centres as centres for the provision of security services