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The security landscape continues to evolve in new and complex ways. This evolution brings change on many levels, which offers an opportunity for improvement rather than an interruption or a distraction. This concept has never been more important as you face today’s combination of new technologies, escalating security threats and the need to derive greater value from the access control infrastructure while solving increasingly complex system integration challenges.

Upgrading from older, legacy technology to a new access control standard is a significant initiative. However, recent advancements have made this transition easier. Access control is moving to more integrated systems with multi-layered security that can include multiple facilities. Today’s more dynamic solutions allow organisations to embrace new levels of convenience and utility.

HID Global's White Paper shows how organisations can support the requirements of today, while looking ahead to the needs of tomorrow. The initial motivation to adopt a new standard of access control may be to improve security or to consolidate multiple locations under a single standard. Now is the time to use advances in access control to build a foundation for addressing unanticipated change and evolving security threats. Strong organisations will take full advantage of the opportunities that upgrading to a more modern solution affords.

What's Inside?

  • Introduction
  • Three reasons to upgrade
  • Data privacy, user convenience and flexibility go hand in hand
  • Upgrading your access control technology: A solid investment
  • Conclusion


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