Idesco's roster of exciting product updates is also cascading across Idesco's eco20 product line. Nearly every one of the current and future product updates Idesco is bringing in 2012 will also constitute significant improvements in Idesco's eco20 product initiative.

An eco20 Idesco product means it consumes 60% less energy than similar products on the market. However, Idesco's eco20 product line wasn't designed to merely reduce energy costs. The profoundly low power consumption designs were intended to leverage reductions in an emergency power requirement, with all the environmentally-unfriendly costs that necessitates. Simply put, lowered power consumption means less emergency power resources one's security infrastructure must purchase and deploy. 

Idesco has also reduced the amount of epoxy it uses to secure its new, updated readers against inclement weather and tampering. The readers are still just as tough, but now leave a significantly smaller eco-footprint.  Factor in that Idesco's tough, flexibly re-configurable Access 7 C 2.0 and Access 8 CD 2.0 readers won't need recycling for a long time because they are so easily migrated into new configurations (and for Access 8 CD 2.0, even higher technologies) in the future. With the simple swipe of a configuration card, you can migrate your reader up to its next level of capability.

The result? Lowered eco-footprint, conveniently extendable lifespan and a leveraging-impact in low power consumption translates into cost savings so significant they actually transcend eco20 products' smart and sustainable use of resources. Eco-friendly really IS economical!