Next Level Security Systems, a provider of a new breed of unified, networked security solutions, recently announced the release of two new mobile applications, NextMobile™, which transforms smart phones into live-streaming IP cameras, and NextProtect™, which acts as a virtual escort by utilising the GPS on the user’s smart phone. The mobile applications allow security practitioners to expand their surveillance network on demand and implement proactive security measures. Both apps are available for use with Next Level’s flagship security management platform, the NLSS Gateway, which combines video management, access control, intrusion, and video and audio analytics into a single management platform.

NextMobile™, available on iPhone, iPad, Android and iOS devices, allows mobile devices to join the surveillance network as an IP camera, streaming video from the device’s camera back to the security center for viewing and recording. NextMobile™ users can also view live video across multiple sites with fast forward, pause and rewind functions. In addition, users can receive event notifications from multiple sites and open doors remotely with the push of a button while viewing live video from a corresponding door camera.

Flexibility is the ultimate weapon for security practitioners, and NextMobile™ gives security personnel eyes on the scene to cover any blind spots while also giving users access to surveillance feeds whenever needed,” said Peter Jankowski, Chairman and CEO, Next Level Security Systems.

Next Level dramatically improves safety with NextProtect™. In potentially dangerous situations, individuals can request a remote security “escort” via the app and allow security personnel to track the individual through their mobile device’s GPS to ensure safe travel. Once the individual safely reaches their destination, the GPS tracking may be turned off. NextProtect™ also features a panic button that, when pressed, alerts security with GPS coordinates, and activates live audio and video streaming to give first responders a sense of the situation.

“As smart phones become more powerful and more readily available, the ability of security personnel to ensure the safety of every individual under their purview becmes a realistic possibility,” said Jumbi Edulbehram, Vice President of Business Development, Next Level Security Systems. “NextProtect™ is ideal for campus environments, employees working alone late at night or joggers in remote areas. It even allows monitoring companies to extend their reach from just monitoring homes and businesses to providing safety and peace of mind to all of their customers, wherever they might be.”