SANTEC offers the SLM monitor series, now comprising the whole range of LCD monitors from 8.4" (21 cm) to 19" (48.5 cm) screen size. These monitors have been designed for professional applications, e.g. in video surveillance systems and everywhere else where a good picture quality with high resolution is required.

The SANTEC monitors of the SLM series, ranging from 10" to 19" screen size, have received a hardware update. They now have a HDMI input in addition to the VGA and DVI-D connection. The monitors are equipped with two BNC composite video inputs and a Y/C input including loop through output. Furthermore, these monitors have PIP/POP functionality so that video pictures from two different video sources can be displayed simultaneously.

All monitors of the SLM series come with a robust, non-reflecting front screen made of protective glass and have a nicely-designed frame. The monitors come with an already mounted monitor stand.