Dallmeier’s H.264 digital video recorders can now be coupled with management software from Dorlet
DASS permits the connecting up of security cameras as well as the playback of image material
Dallmeier recorders of the DMS series "In Memory of Leonardo" as well as the recorders in the DLS range can now be controlled with the DASS management software from Dorlet. The recorders are integrated into the software and can be used in a full range of functions.

For example if movement in predefined alarm zones is registered, actions can automatically be implemented, such as the monitor display of a certain camera. The camera selection and the control of PTZ domes can also be made by the management system. In addition, DASS permits the connecting up of cameras as well as the playback of image material (forwards and backwards). Depending upon programming, the function of alarms and their subsequent processing is possible.

Miguel Ballabriga, Technical Director of Dallmeier Electronic España explains: "Dorlet is ranked among the market leaders in Spain in the high-value entry control systems sector. The systems are used in, amongst others: museums, banks, airports and large office buildings. Through integration, new opportunities open up for us, like for example in airport security projects and flight navigation. Above all, the end customers profit from the integration: they can now operate and control access control, fire protection and video security systems via one joint management platform."