Nurizon's advanced number plate recognition roof camera 
 Advanced Nurizon ANPR device Number allows law enforcement agencies to verify vehicle ownership
Public Safety and Homeland Security solutions providers Nurizon Corporation have launched one of the most advanced security and intelligence solutions to the Saudi Security Forces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to date.

Security multinational Nurizon Corporation, is the first organisation to provide mobile licence plate recognition (MPLR) technology in the Kingdom, which scans both Arabic and English numbers plates on vehicles, at speeds in excess of 180 Kmph.  The advanced plate scanning software, which is installed on computers inside the police vehicles, uses the latest in optical character recognition technology, and then matches the vehicle licence plates, against the anti terrorism and national wanted vehicles register in the Kingdom.

Licence Plate Recognition, which is often also referred to as ANPR (Advanced Number Plate Recognition) or LPR (Licence Plate Recognition), provides the security and law enforcement agencies with the most accurate and instant verification of vehicle ownership and latest intelligence information, without the need of a police officer having to pick up a telephone or radio, to make a check on vehicle occupants manually.  Officers are automatically alerted by an audible alarm, and a message on the touchscreen installed in the vehicle, whenever a vehicle "hit" is discovered.

Licence Plate Recognition technology works by installing a high resolution camera, with infra red capabilities, either on the roof, or behind the windshield of the police vehicle.  The video cameras connect to a ruggedized in vehicle workstation, which uses advanced high powered software to process the images and verify them real-time against the national and local crime and intelligence databases, using a secure encrypted wireless link to the Control Centre Headquarters.  Over 4 vehicles every second can be processed and checked from inside the officers vehicle.

Christopher Riddell, Chief Executive Officer for Nurizon Corporation, speaking at a conference from the Nurizon regional office in Riyadh City Centre, stated that "We are delighted to be now providing our advanced licence plate recognition systems into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the local security agencies and forces across the country.  Our technology is widely recognised as the leader in its market, and we continue to support the drive of providing advanced turnkey security solutions to the security organisations in the region".

 Chief Excutive Officer of Nurizon Corporation
 Christopher Riddell, CEO Nurizon Corporation

He also went on to add  "Our technology is currently installed and working throughout the United Kingdom, across most of the UK police forces and related agencies.  The city of London, and a number of major hotels in Dubai, benefits from our systems around the clock, and we are delighted to be providing this technology now here in Saudi Arabia".

The Security Forces in Saudi Arabia have adopted the Nurizon Licence Plate Recognition Systems as part of a larger strategy of security upgrades across the Kingdom which Nurizon are strategically involved in, including the ATVAM (Automated Traffic Violations and Monitoring) Kingdom wide project.

Sharon Tainsh, Middle East Regional Director for Nurizon Corporation, when discussing the high profile ATVAM project, commented that "Saudi Arabia has publicly outlined its strategic security roadmap in recent months, with the launch of the ATVAM Traffic Management Project.  The ANPR technology which is being implemented by Nurizon Corporation closely complements and aligns itself with this scheme, and forms part of a much larger security operation which will be unveiled in the coming months".

Universities and large public facilities such as shopping malls and hotels are also now introducing the systems as part of security upgrades to control visitor access to large multi site car parks and office blocks.

The Nurizon fixed and mobile ANPR solutions form part of a mesh network of intelligence and data gathering systems, which greatly enhance the productivity and time which officers are spending on the streets and on patrol.  Security Forces are widely known to have checkpoints spread at key hot spot and strategic locations around the Kingdom, and this technology is just another tool which enhances public safety around the clock, for the citizens and visitors to the Royal Kingdom.