The AC2000 Visitors application installed at Steria allows staff on site to manage visitors via the AC2000 SE system
Steria installed additional CEM S610 access control readers at its various offices in UK

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, recently announced that they have now secured all of the 12 UK offices of long standing customer, Steria UK Ltd.

Following successful company growth, Steria has recently expanded its AC2000 access control system to cover additional offices.  Recent additions to the AC2000 system include the installation of additional CEM S610 readers, the introduction of PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) technology and additional software modules.

The IT experts, Steria boasts offices in 16 countries globally, and has been successfully using CEM’s AC2000 SE system since the first installation in 2006.  The AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) system at Steria has been designed to cover multiple offices without the need for a server at each site with devices at remote sites linked back to the central server via the Internet.

In recent years, AC2000 SE has been successfully expanded to mirror the needs of this growing company.  Since the first order, the CEM AC2000 system has grown to encompass more than 170 readers with 6000 cardholders.  Steria has also increased the functionality of its AC2000 system over the years by adding powerful software modules such as AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging and Pass Production System) and AC2000 Visitor Management as well as AC2000 Failover.

“Over the years CEM has consistently provided a solution to meet our access control and building security needs.  The AC2000 system has seamlessly grown with us, both in terms of size and functionality. The fact that we can use one highly secure access control system across all our offices in the UK also helps us achieve significant cost and efficiency savings,” said Ian MacQueen, Steria UK.

The AC2000 Visitors application installed at Steria allows staff on site to manage visitors via the AC2000 SE system.  System administrators can easily add visitor records and manage appointments as well as monitoring and controlling visitor access onsite.

The visitor management solution at Steria is completed by AC2000 VIPPS which provides Steria with the ability to print professional quality passes for visitors and staff.  The pass designs can include logos, signatures, barcodes and more and can be printed in multiple colours for quick visual identification.  This user friendly software can be used to produce permanent and temporary passes.

Steria has also opted to install AC2000 Failover to improve system resilience.  AC2000 Failover is used to create a copy of the main server so that in the event of server failure, a backup is available to eliminate system down time.  The switch between the two servers is seamless, with no administrator interaction required.

As well as software enhancements, Steria has improved security on site by introducing CEM’s DIU 230 PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus Door Interface Unit).  The unit represents an efficient solution by providing power and communications to the door via a single Ethernet cable.  The DIU 230 can be installed on the secure side of the door making it less vulnerable to vandalism and tampering.

“As Steria continues to grow company leaders can be assured that CEM and AC2000 SE have the flexibility and innovative technology to exceed all of their current and future access control needs,” said Andrew Fulton, Sales Director, CEM Systems.