Barco and VidSys partner to provide real-time situation visibility for global, intelligent security
The new TransForm N universal visualisation platform from Barco
Visualisation pioneer Barco announced that it has enhanced the interoperability of its advanced control room management suite. Specifically, Barco has integrated its new TransForm N universal visualisation platform and its CMS-200 software with VidSys' physical security information management (PSIM) software system to create a powerful, yet flexible solution for visually monitoring, managing, and collaborating on situations.

As the leader in physical security information management, VidSys' software enables organisations to proactively resolve business and security situations by integrating all of an organisation's disparate physical security devices into one global intelligent security system. Barco, a leader in advanced control room management solutions, has integrated its technologies with the VidSys PSIM software to deliver visibility of real-time situation awareness and management capabilities on high-end security walls.

The collaboration with VidSys is one of several integration partnerships that Barco is undertaking with leading security management software companies, leveraging the open architecture and API (Application Programming Interface) of its hardware and software solutions to facilitate capture, control and collaboration of security video feeds. By increasing the compatibility between Barco's security solutions and those of industry-leading software companies, Barco is poised to equip some of the country's leading command and control centres in the fields of information technology, higher education, and public safety.

The recent Barco / VidSys project, developed for a well-known California IT company, entailed the integration of Barco's TransForm N system, consisting of NGP-224 controllers and its CMS-200 software, with VidSys' PSIM software to manage and display security camera feeds onto a large video display wall. The integration enables operators to control and view content from the PSIM software on the display wall from any workstation on the network. Utilising Barco's universal decoding software and a variety of video camera feeds from across the enterprise, video is projected from the VidSys PSIM software to the display wall, resulting in one, large common operating view of all situations and their current status for security officials.

VidSys' software enables organisations to proactively resolve business and security situations

"The integration of our PSIM technology with the new Barco video wall creates a world-class solution for command centre operators where real-time visibility is critical for effective collaboration and situation resolution," explained Dave Fowler, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Marketing for VidSys. "We look forward to working with Barco on a number of joint installations in the near future."

"The 'anything in, anything out' flexibility afforded by our controller software enables operators to quickly view any content from any source, on any part of the display wall. This vastly improves efficiency, expands and enhances views, and facilitates collaboration to reduce response times to incidents," commented Peter Bussens, Business Development Director for Traffic, Surveillance & Monitoring, Barco North America.

The installation is also the first deployment of Barco's new TransForm N universal visualisation platform, an IP network-centric solution that can distribute any type of data within the control room, enabling users to (1) collect and process any incoming source type, including high-performing DVI, (2) visualise it on any display device within the network, and (3) monitor and control this information with smart control room management software.

CMS-200, Barco's control room management suite, provides operators and decision-makers with easy access to information and allows them to connect to information, to configure how it is displayed, and to collaborate in the most efficient way. It is an advanced control room management suite that facilitates decision-making and enables more efficient collaboration with AV-over-IP.

Barco also recently deployed its control management suite, including TransForm N, at a major metropolitan surveillance centre located on the East Coast, as well as at a critical intelligence site. Barco expects to finalise integration partnerships with other security applications companies in the coming months.

Barco and VidSys also exhibited at the ASIS International 56th Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas, October 12-15, 2010.