QED national distributor of CCTV equipment gave their website a total overhaul 
QED has completely revamped its website for improved customer experience
QED national distributor of CCTV consumables and equipment has given their website a total overhaul. 

Visitors to the new site will be greeted by a fresh interface with a straightforward navigation system using branded icons and the companies purple colour staying constant throughout.

As well as a new look, QED have informed us that the website packs in more products, more specification sheets, more product images and more product information. 

Dave Huxley, QED's European Sales Manager commented: "We update our website with new content on a weekly basis and as such, our old site was becoming too big for its original design, it was literally bursting out!" Dave continued "our new site allows visitors to easily find the information they are looking for even though we have increased the content on the site by an additional 30%."

The QED website has a new look and has more information and images 
The QED website has a new look and also provides more information and product images

As well as the usual product display and product information, QED have created a tool they call "Products for Projects".  With this, visitors to the site can find products related to a particular type of job, such as school installations, a commercial property CCTV install or a small scale CCTV install.  All the products that may be required for this type of job will be presented for the visitor to see and get information about.

Dave Huxley commented further: "We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find as much information as possible on our products, as quickly as possible.  We hope that by using new and interesting methods to do this that customers will enjoy using our site and keep coming back."

The new QED website can be found here.