The SLI080 is designed to optimise night performance of CCTV or network cameras for low light installations up to 300m. The adjustable-diffuser technology ensures even light distribution across the entire field of view. Operators are allowed to adjust the sensitivity and IR power according to the ambient illumination.


Traffic LRP/ANPR, Railway/subway systems, Ports/coasts, Prisons/borders/military bases, Squares/plazas, and any large open or indoor space requiring covert surveillance.

Long life, real savings

The SLI080 incorporates the advanced Endura Light technology, using constant LED current circuit design, top-tier OSRAM LEDs, and the innovative fin-array heat spreaders to deliver durable, steady output over its service life for more than 100,000 hours at the operating temperature of 60°C. Should any LEDs fail, a failure indication alarm will notify the operators.

Even light distribution by adjustable diffuser

To ensure nothing is missed in security surveillance, even illumination is needed. It frees images from over exposure and hot spots and thus ensures even light distribution across the entire field of view. With industry-leading LumiiFlex 5-step adjustable diffuser technology, operators can easily adjust the illumination until even light intensity is achieved. This proprietary design offers operators more flexibility.Shutter synchronisation, energy efficiently.

Specifically designed for traffic applications, the SLI080 is capable of synchronising its LED pulse with the camera's shutter speed to boost light intensity for better LPR/ANPR results while reducing power consumption up to 80%.

Remote adjustment of IR power and sensitivity

Operators can adjust the photocell sensitivity according to the illumination of specific areas. This prevents the LED from switching on/off in marginal light conditions. IR power adjustment can also be made according to the distances or ambient temperatures. The SLI080 supports RS-485 remote control so that operators can conveniently make the adjustments on a remote site.

Expandable connection

The SLI080 supports daisy chain connections to expand the illuminator installation. Operators can easily connect multiple LED illuminators in series to increase the view range.