Europe-wide usage of varifocal lenses from SENKOADL includes current installations on the Spanish railway system.

Over 500 varifocal lenses (2.8~12mm and 3~8.5 mm) are being fitted internally on trains run by RENFE, the national operator in Spain which is responsible for 15,000 km of track across the country.

The lenses are being used on passenger rolling stock with the focal range depending on viewing lines.  The units are functioning from compact Sanyo colour cameras and the client reports that the lenses are producing excellent image quality in both low light conditions and under harsh fluorescent strips. Images are stored using an MPEG4 capture board assembled by Madrid-based Sato Electronica who have specified and implemented the project.

The Spanish high-speed rail system regularly sees trains travelling at 250 km/hr from Madrid to the north of the country.

The 3.0~8.5mm unit being used predominantly in the carriages is 1/3" format and has an iris range of F1.0-C.  Iris drive is manual and the lens has a CS mount.  Horizontal angle of view (1/3") is 90.5°-33.6° and (1/4") 67.2°-25.2°.  Minimum object distance is 0.2m and dimensions (mm) are ø35 x 46.  The lens weighs 51 grams.

SENKOADL employ high-resolution Japanese lens technology and extraordinary low dispersion (ED) glass.  But unlike many of its competitors from the region, the company has a sizable European presence with offices and extensive warehousing in Berkshire, England.

This means that installers, system consultants and end-users working in the EC can be confident of quick turnaround, rapid unit replacement and first-rate after sales support through access to skilled engineers.  The company excels in units for demanding light conditions and 24-hour surveillance with its "Pro" series of lenses.