4C Security Solutions Limited is a leading developer and global provider of Mifare and DESFire (13.56Mhz) smart card, biometric and other security products through its BQT Solutions business and also quality electromechanical locking products through Magna Electronics Pte. Ltd under OEM and its YNOTLOC brand.

BQT Solutions announced the release of its new OMNIpass service. The new service has been developed in Australia as a value-add for all BQT clients.

OMNIpass is a secure, highly structured smart card management service that provides the end user with a 'peace of mind' single credential solution for all applications globally. All customer data is securely registered and maintained by BQT Solutions.

The client retains ownership of their user-selected, unique card format irrespective of the access control system (ACS) manufacturer or the system integrator.

FCS's interim CEO, Geoff Cleaves, said "OMNIpass provides the end user with ultimate control of their card credentials no matter who they appoint as their facilities manager or system integrator allowing for a truly open system to be maintained. The adoption of OMNIpass also assists in keeping general staff out of the equation avoiding the issue that once the credentials are disclosed they can't be undisclosed."