Mr. Throckmorton comes to OnSSI with seven years of experience in the electronic security and video surveillance industry
OnSSI's Ocularis VMS is now setting a new stardard in VMS functionality

OnSSI’s Ocularis Video Management System (VMS) has a proven reputation for innovation and technological advancement, which is evident through its sophisticated and robust management server, human engineering, scalability and open integration capabilities. Now OnSSI is introducing a breakthrough video delivery technology that is poised to set a new standard in VMS functionality. The unveiling is set for ISC West 2012.

“OnSSI offers what we firmly believe is the most powerful management platform available for VMS users.” said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. “We have now reached further into our processing technology to develop advanced and versatile video delivery capabilities.”

Ocularis Overview

The Ocularis platform provides advanced video surveillance and security capabilities for organisations of any size. Ocularis is offered in four models, each scalable to virtually any number of cameras at multiple sites.

  • Ocularis PS  is an advanced video surveillance platform designed for single or multiple sites.
  • Ocularis IS adds active monitoring, alert management and integration with access control, video analytics and other third-party systems.
  • Ocularis CS adds capabilities for large distributed multi-site organisations including Video Wall and collaboration modules, command and control center management and OpenSight (OnSSI Federation architecture).
  • Ocularis ES adds robust and centralised recorder management capabilities plus enhancements for IT-centric organisations.

All four Ocularis models utilise the Ocularis Client, a unified client that provides access live monitoring and event handling, including forensics and evidence export tools.