Thirty-two Axis network cameras were installed in Landau College in Derby
An increasing number of forward-looking schools and colleges opting for IP surveillance  
Axis Communications' network cameras and video encoders have been installed as part of a major overhaul of security systems at Landau College in Derby, following its promotion to Academy status in 2006.  Axis partner Structured Technology Services Ltd (STS) was invited to create a centralised and proactive Internet Protocol (IP)-Surveillance solution to replace an inadequate and ageing CCTV system at the college.

Prior to the new system being installed, the college had suffered an increase in vandalism and anti-social behaviour.   Several ‘black spots' had been identified including two car parks, specific corridors and a locker room inside the college's buildings.

The IP-Surveillance installation followed completion of an upgrade of the network infrastructure of the college by STS in October 2007.  This upgrade enabled the college to look seriously at what other applications could be moved onto the IP network and the surveillance system became an obvious choice as the existing CCTV system was already at capacity and required expansion.

Thirty-two Axis cameras were installed by STS: 21 AXIS 216FD-V (vandal resistant) Fixed Dome Network Cameras cover previous blind spots in corridors inside the college's buildings.  Two AXIS 212 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) Network Cameras monitor the locker room.  In the car parks a further five AXIS 225FD and four AXIS 232D+ Network Cameras were deployed to deter vandalism.  Six of the original analogue CCTV cameras transmit images through single-channel AXIS 241 Video Encoders to make them IP-compatible.  Images from all 38 cameras are now stored and managed by Soratek Systems' video management system which provides three Terabytes of storage capacity.  This system currently holds seven days of images collected on motion detection.

STS designed the solution so that power can be transmitted to all Axis network cameras through the Ethernet network itself, using the CAT 6 network cabling which was installed as part of the upgrade of the college's infrastructure.  Power over Ethernet (PoE) proved a significant advantage for the college, cutting installation costs per camera by as much as £40.  PoE also eliminated the inherent security hazard of having a fuse box close to the camera, which offers an obvious route to disabling specific electrical devices.  The additional advantage is that the IP-Surveillance system is protected in cases of power outages as it can be powered by uninterruptible power supply units (UPSs). Two AXIS 212 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) Network Cameras monitor the locker room

Marc Charles, IT manager, Landau Forte College, commented: "We now have an IP-Surveillance system which is much more comprehensive, robust and scalable than the proprietary CCTV system that we had before.  The use of an open, Linux-based system appeals because it reduces ongoing maintenance costs considerably and enables us to easily integrate new applications into the system as our security requirements change."

Phil Doyle, managing director, Axis Communications (UK) Limited, commented: "We are now seeing an increasing number of forward-looking schools and colleges opting for IP-Surveillance to give them greater flexibility, more comprehensive coverage and higher quality images even in low light conditions.  The AXIS 216FD-V is particularly suited for use in areas where there is a risk of cameras being targeted by vandals."

Richard Shelley, Account Manager, STS, commented: "Axis network cameras were our first choice for this install because of the quality of image they produce and the fact that they have models for all situations - inside and out, confined and open.  We know that the Axis system has contributed to a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour and vandalism at the college."